Share the Road

Share the Road

TIPS for SHARING THE ROAD with slow moving vehicles

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With the goal of keeping both drivers, farmers and others using the public roads safe, Seneca County Farm Bureau with Seneca County Sherriff’s Department along with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Seneca County, Seneca County Soil & Water Conservation District, Seneca County Agriculture Enhancement Board, and Highway Superintendents have launched a SHARE THE ROAD awareness campaign across Seneca County, New York.

TIPS for SHARING THE ROAD with slow moving vehicles:

The motoring public has a responsibility to slow down as soon as any slow moving vehicle - including bicycles - is seen displaying the slow moving vehicle emblem. Also, obey the road markings and do not pass on a double yellow line.

Use Caution. Caution should be used when a farm vehicle is preparing to turn left. Too often motorists incorrectly assume the tractor is stopping on the right-hand side of the road or turning right when the tractor driver is actually swinging wide to be able to line up with a driveway or field access point. The majority of modern tractors have turn signals - so be cautious.

  • Drive defensively especially during spring planting and fall harvest seasons.
  • Slow down once a vehicle with a slow moving vehicle emblem is seen and stay back 50 feet.
  • When safe to pass, do so carefully and consider a brief honk of the horn to let the tractor driver know you are there. However, do not honk the horn when approaching bicycles or buggies
  • If a large vehicle is coming in the opposite direction, prepare to pull over.
  • Be patient and check for turn signals indicating if the driver is preparing to turn.

Last updated May 8, 2024