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Seneca County Agricultural and Farmland Enhancement Plan

Seneca County Agricultural and Farmland Enhancement Plan

Agriculture has been and continues to be a mainstay of the Seneca County economy. It is a dominant land use, covering nearly 119,000 acres – about 57% of the County’s total land area. The 516 farms identified in the Census of Agriculture generate $90.8 million per year in sales, a figure that increased 47%, adjusted for inflation, between 2002 and 2017. These revenues, in turn, support an extensive array of local suppliers and service providers, including, but not limited to machinery dealers, crop and nutrient management specialists, meat processors, veterinarians, and animal feed distributors. Additionally, about a third of the farms in Seneca County have on farm hired workers, including paid family members, who contribute to farm operations. These farms directly employ 760 people, paying $8.1 million in annual wages.

Although the County has a variety of agricultural operations and activities, two-thirds of its farms are classified as grain and soybean producers, beef cattle farms, fruit (grapes) growers, and dairy operations. In 2017, Seneca County ranked second of all counties in New York State in the value of hogs and pigs sold third in the sales of sheep, goats, and their products; and fifth in the sales of grains, oilseeds, and dry beans. It also ranked third in the state, after Chautauqua and Yates counties, in grape production.

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The mission of this Seneca County Agricultural and Farmland
Enhancement Plan is to provide information and strategies that can be
used short and long-term to enhance the economic success of agriculture
in Seneca County and preserve the land upon which it depends.


The Board meets the 1st Wednesday of the month when there are matters they need to discuss or action needs to be taken. Contact Seneca County/Cornell Cooperative Extension at (315) 539-9251 (x109) for further information.

In 2019, Seneca County was awarded a grant through NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets to update its “Farmland Protection Plan.” The Seneca County Agricultural Enhancement Board (AEB) as Steering Committee has completed work to develop a county-wide plan designed to enhance agriculture in the County.


Peter DeCloux – Farmer

Doug Freier – Farmer

Harriet Haynes – Seneca County Planning Department

Brad Huffines – Farmer

Lisa Keshel – Seneca County Real Property Services

Ralph Lott – Board of Supervisors Representative

Rodman Lott – Farmer

Ros Parks – Farmer

Michael Reynolds – Seneca County Soil and Water Conservation District


There are 3 agricultural districts in Seneca County

The agricultural district review process has started with Agricultural District #6. The review of agricultural districts #8 and #12 will follow. Property owners interested having land added to or removed from should contact Harriet Haynes at (315) 539-1723 or email

Chris Tarr – USDA

Julie Thompson – Farmer

Judy Wright – Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension


You can find more information about the Seneca County Agricultural and Farmland Enhancement Plan at:


Judy Wright
Sr. Agriculture Economic Specialist
315-539-9251 ext. 109

Last updated August 18, 2022