finger lakes agriculture report

Finger Lakes Ag Reports - Listen to agriculture related topics from CCE.

Finger Lakes Ag Reports

Listen to agriculture related topics from Patti and Judy from Cornell Cooperative Extension; your local connection to Cornell University.


Indoor Plants For Air Quality - 02.02.2023

Equine Hay Survey - 01.30.2023

Maple Syrup in NYS - 01.23.2023

Ag Careers - 01.16.2023

Ag Workforce Development - 01.02.2023

Cost of Pollination Survey - 12.12.2022 

Growing Nut Trees  - 11.14.2022

Spotted Lanternfly Update/Reminder - 10.31.2022

NYS Beef - 10.17.2022

Fall Garden Cleanup - 10.10.2022

2022 Ag Census - 10.03.2022

Pumpkins - 09.26.2022

Spotted Lanternfly in Buffalo area  - 09.19.2022

I Bird NY - 09.12.2022

Corn Report - 09.05.2022

Ticks and Livestock - 08.22.22

Trail Trek  - 08.08.2022

Ag Energy NY Program offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension - 08.01.2022

Beech Leaf Disease  - 07.25.2022

Drought - 07.11.2022

Corn Rootworm - 06.27.2022

Farmers Markets - 06.06.2022

Young Wildlife - 05.30.2022

Direct Sales - 05.13.2022

Produce Auctions in the Finger Lakes - 05.02.2022

Spongy Month - 04.25.2022

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model - 04.15.2022

Soil Health  - 04.11.2022

Avian Influenza and Bird Feeders - 03.28.2022

Maple Production in New York State - 03.17.2022

National Ag Day - 03.14.2022

Cherry Ember Tomatoes - 03.07.2022

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza - 02.28.2022

Buffer in a bag - 02.21.2022

Farm Labor - 02.14.2022

Great Backyard Bird Count - 02.07.2022

Grape Bud Damage - 01.31.2022

Maple Syrup Production - 01.10.2022


Fertilizer Costs - 12.13.2021

Eco-Friendly Holiday Ideas - 12.06.2021

Buying NY Grown Christmas Trees - 11.29.2021

Herbicide Shortage - 11.15.2021

Local Thanksgiving  - 11.08.2021

Big Bluestem - 11.01.2021

Three R's - 10.25.2021

CIder Week - 10.11.2021

Agri-tourism - 10.4.2021

Corn Silage - 9.20.2021

New York State Apples  - 9.13.2021

Backyard Poultry - 9.6.2021

Bradford Pears - 8.23.2021

Soils - 8.9.2021

Update on Spotted Lantern Fly - 8.2.2021

National Farmers' Market Week  - 7.26.2021

Fireflies and Corn Rootworms - 7.12.2021

Shopping at Farmers' Markets - 7.5.2021

Vinegar as an Herbicide - 6.21.2021

Growing Degree Days  - 6.14.2021

Growing Peppers - 6.7.2021

Grape Varieties - 5.31.2021

Cicadas - 5.24.2021

Lawn Care - 5.17.2021

Compost Awareness Week - 5.3.2021


Earth Day - 4.12.21

Gypsy Moths  - 4.5.2021

Preventing Weeds - 3.29.2021

Attracting Butterflies  - 3.22.2021

New Cherry Tomato Variety - 3.8.2021

Planting For Natural Enemies  - 2.22.2021

Great Backyard Bird Count - 2.8.2021

Family Farms - 2.1.2021

Indoor Plants for Air Quality - 1.25.2021

Small Scale Food Processing  - 1.15.2021

Climate and Agriculture  - 1.10.2021


Eco-friendly Holiday Ideas - 12.11.2020

Christmas Trees - 12.4.2020

Holiday Plant Care - 11.29.2020

Seed Catalogs - 11.27.2020

Save on Energy Costs - 11.15.2020

Spotted Lantern Flies and Pets -10.24.2020

Fall Garden Cleanup - 10.14.2020

Leave your Garden Messy - 10.4.2020

Pumpkins - 9.18.2020

New Apple Varieties from Cornell - 9.13.2020

Corn Silage Harvest

Forage Exchange - 8.28.2020

Fall Webworm - 8.23.2020

Spotted Lantern Fly - 8.16.2020

Ants in Houses

Blossom End Rot

USDA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) and National Farmers Markets Week

Blossom End Rot

Fall Vegetable Gardens

Dung Beetles

Watering During Drought

Farm Safety Plan

Why Shop at Farmers' Markets

Asian Giant Hornet

Starting a Vegetable Garden

Compost Awareness Week

Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF)

Spring Planting

Vernon Pools

Farms Transition Videos

Moles and Voles

Vegetable Varieties

Emergency Preparedness for Pets & Animals

Starting Seeds

United Nations International Year of Plant Health

Cornell Cooperative Extension Connecting Communities

Bed Bugs

Maple Syrup


Environmental New Years Resolutions


Starting a Farm

Holiday Plant Care 

Christmas Trees

Local Thanksgiving 2019

Planning for Transition

Bird Feeding

The Beef Breakdown


Fall Garden Cleanup



Releasing Wild Apple Tree



Spotted Lanternfly Updates

Fall Vegetable Gardening

Risk Management Agency - 1 time change to the 2019 Crop Year's Preventive Rules - corn silage acceptable as cover crop

Food Waste



MFO Program

Lily Leaf Beetle

Local Veggies

Oak Wilt

Asian Carp

Earth Day 

Soil Health

Galaxy Suite of Tomatoes 

Pesticide Safety Education Month 

Cover Crops


Indoor Plants for Air Quality

Maple Weekends

National Invasive Species Awareness Week 

Pesticide Safety Month

Spotted Lantern Fly

Share the Road

Maple Syrup Production


Recycling for the Holidays

Local Christmas Trees

Stink Bugs

Climate Change Tools

Mistletoe and Other Poisonous Holiday Plants

Choosing a Christmas Tree

Local Thanksgiving

Forcing Bulbs

Apple and Apple Crunch

Garden Clean-Up

Growing Garlic

Heirloom Tomatoes

Poisonous Plants

Flooded Vegetables

Goat Cheese

Produce Auctions

County Agricultural Fair



Choosing Trees to Plant

Cucumber Beetles

Cyanobacterial Blooms

Eastern Broccoli Industry


Finger Lakes BeeKeeping

Finger Lakes Herbs and Spices

Finger Lakes Produce Auctions

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid


Industrial Hemp



Landscaping for Birds

Late Blight

Lawn Care

Multiflora Rose

Mushroom Cultivation

New York State Hops 2017

Oak Wilt


Poison Ivy

Poultry Biosecurity

Pruning Apple Trees


Spring Bulbs

Starting Seeds at Home

Sweet Corn




Buying at Produce Auctions

Climate Change and the Finger Lakes Agriculture

Eastern Broccoli Industry

Finger Lakes Asparagus

Finger Lakes Beer 2016

Finger Lakes Drought 2016

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Maple Production

Modern Apple Storage


New York State Hops Industry

Plant Breeding

Starting a Garden


Strawberry Varieties for the Finger Lakes

Sweet Corn

Summer Garden Pests 



Agricultural Pests in Cold Weather


Avian Influenza



Breeding a Better Blueberry



Choosing a Christmas Tree

Community Supported Agriculture

Eastern Broccoli Industry

Empire Farm Days

Fall Foliage

Field Crop Harvest

Finger Lakes Beer

Finger Lakes Distilling Industry

Finger Lakes Farmers' Market

Finger Lakes Hard Cider

Finger Lakes Hops (Part 1)

Finger Lakes Hops (Part 2)

Finger Lakes Wine Industry


Herbicide Resistant Weeds

Landscaping for Birds

Late Blight

Lawn Care

Malting Barley

Maple Syrup

Mistletoe and other poisonous holiday plants


Planning Apple Tree Plantings

Planning a Vegetable Garden

Poison Ivy

Potato Breeding

Produce Auctions


Raising Chickens


Starting Seeds


Sweet Corn


Tomato Technologies

Too Much Water


Wild Harvest Table

Winter Wheat Harvest


Agricultural Drones

Christmas Trees


Emerald Ash Borer

Finger Lakes Dairy Outlook

Finger Lakes Wine Grapes

Local Thanksgiving

New York Sate Apple Industry


Last updated February 7, 2023