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​Corn Silage Harvest Toolkit: 2021 Edition

​Corn silage harvest toolkit: 2021 edition

Corn silage harvest toolkit: 2021 edition

by Joe Lawrence

Each corn silage harvest season presents its own unique opportunities and challenges. The following is a summary of considerations and resources to consider in preparation for a successful corn silage harvest.

2021 Opportunities

  • Lower overall rainfall(varied by region of state) generally results in improved corn silage fiber digestibility
  • A timely planting window and above average heat increases likelihood of harvest before “mud” season
  • Adequate moisture around and after pollination aids ear development which could improve starch yield and overall yield.

2021 Challenges

  • Early Season drought conditions may compromise yield
  • Rainfall around pollination and weather induced stress may increase risk for mold and mycotoxins
  • Weather stress may lead to variation in crop maturity and optimum harvest timing. Pay close attention to whole plant dry matter (DM) for harvest timing decisions
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  • Corn Silage harvest is always a stressful time around the farm, review Safety with your team before harvest season begins.

There are many keys to corn silage harvest and while they are important every year, there can be an added importance in a year when concerns may persist regarding sufficient forage inventories as every pound of forage you can successfully preserve counts more than ever.

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Last updated September 20, 2021