Pasture at Lew-Lin Farm, Dryden NY
Image by Sandy Repp

Pasture land is often leased.

Rural Land Use

This page will discuss what we offer in the way of land use support. 

Photographic copy of engraving (from History of Seneca County, New York, Everts, Ensign, and Everts, Philadelphia, 1876, p. 128) CARRIAGE HOUSE, BARN, PADDOCK, PIGGERY, AND FARM HOUSE - Hiram Lay Carriage House, Mays Point Road, Tyre, Seneca County, NY

Ag Assessments

To qualify land for an agricultural assessment, the landowner must file annually. Learn about the forms and filing requirements here.

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Champion Trade Card, 1875 
Creator: Whiteley, Fassler & Kelly Company - Wisconsin Historical Society;

Leasing Land

If you are leasing land for agricultural use, renting pasture, or have a hunting or recreational lease, you'll find more resources on these subjects here.

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Last updated June 2, 2015