Food Preservation Series: Pickling


Food Preservation Series: Pickling

  • Saturday, June 4, 2022, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Space is limited. Registration required. 

REGISTER at: https://reg.cce.cornell.edu/pickling2022_245

(If you are unable to access the internet, please call CCE Seneca at 315-539-9251)

Basic Food Preservation Lesson with a Focus on Canning Pickled Vegetables

Whether you are brand new to canning and preserving food, would like a refresher, or have been doing it for years, there will be something to learn at our Basic Food Preservation Series this June, July and August at the Lodi Whittier Library.

Led by Cornell Cooperative Extension certified Master Food Preserver instructors, these FREE CLASSES will include how to safely process foods using hot water bath and pressure canning methods, along with important food safety information for preserving food. Participants will receive handouts and materials to replicate the instructions at home.

Participation in one of these classes will also allow you to borrow the food preservation equipment from the Lodi Food4All Pantry.

Food Preservation Series at Lodi Whittier Library
June - Canning Pickled Vegetables
July - Canning Tomatoes and Salsas
August - Dehydrating Foods—Veggies, Fruit, & Meat Jerky




Moira Tidball
Nutrition Issue leader


Lodi Whittier Library
8484 S. Main St.
Lodi, NY 14860

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