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4-H Horse Extravaganza - Saturday, March 7th.


4-H Horse Extravaganza

  • Saturday, March 7, 2020, 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Horse Extravaganza registration is now open! 

Please let Nate know if you are interested. 

Registration must be submitted by Friday, February 14th, absolutely no late registrations are allowed.

Volunteers are also sought for this event. More information and registration below.

The primary objective of 4-H Horse Extravaganza is to provide an opportunity for youth to demonstrate the breadth of their equine knowledge in a competitive setting where attitudes of friendliness and fairness prevail. It is hoped that this project contest will generate a rewarding experience for all contestants.

Horse Bowl
  • Each county may send up to two (2) full teams of four (4) members. Teams with less than four (4) members will be combined to create as many teams of four (4) as possible at the discretion of the event chair(s). County staff will be notified of combined teams after entries have been received.
  • Jr. & Sr. Horse Bowl Questions will be supplied by the state this year and are confidential.
  • There are not limits on the number of participants a county can send to the regional event.
  • Hippology phases will be as follows: horse judging, written examinations, station, identification and Team problem for Junior and Senior teams.

Schedule for the day of the Horse Extravaganza (schedule subject to change)

  • 8am-8:30am–Registration of contestants
  • 8:15am–Orientation/Q&A for Volunteers
  • 8:30am–Welcome to the event
  • 8:45am–Start of AM session - Junior and Senior Hippology; Novice Horse Bowl 
  • 12pm–Orientation/Q&A for Volunteers
  • 12:30pm–Start of PM session - Junior and Senior Horse Bowl; Novice Hippology begins

You can learn more about this event and how to prepare for them by viewing the state website: Horse


This year, we are asking volunteers to register online.It is a very simple form that will allow you to specifically select which contest and which job you’d like to volunteer for. Descriptions of the different jobs are listed below. We are looking for volunteers to help both in the AM and PM. Lunch is provided to our volunteers. The volunteer registration link is https://forms.gle/RRNSDVbFsnHdWRzh8.

If you have any questions or problems registering, please contact Jenny Groen at jmg422@cornell.edu.

Horse Bowl Job Descriptions:

Time Keeper –The timekeeper will monitor all time intervals and designate when the time of response has been exceeded and will handle all controls of the game equipment. It will also be their responsibility at the beginning of each match to assure each contestant that the equipment is working properly.

Moderator - The moderator is responsible for reading questions and acknowledging the chairs that are eligible to respond to one-on-one and open questions before the question is read. The moderator will accept all answers that are the same as/mean the same as the expected answer to the question. Any answer different from the expected answer will be referred to the judge, which will make the decision to accept or reject the given answer. Occasionally, the moderator may also be designated as part of the judge’s panel.

Hippology Job Descriptions:

Room Monitor – for the hippology contest to run smoothly, each room will have its own room monitor.The room monitor is responsible for setting up/passing out materials for each new group of contestants – a room schedule will be provided. With each new group, the room monitor should remind everyone there is no talking, no cell phones, to not leave any blanks, if they have extra time to review their work.At the end of each group’s time, answer sheets and any other material passed out should be collected.Another job of the room monitor is the scoring.Scoring will be done in each room, with completed/totaled score sheets being picked up by a “runner” to deliver to the score room.Only incorrect answers should be marked and the total number of correct answers in the appropriate location on the answer sheets and totaled.

Team Problem Evaluator – Teams in a division (Junior or Senior) will be presented with the same problems. Junior teams will do 1 Prepared Team Problem, Seniors will do 1 Prepared Team Problem and 1 Impromptu Team Problem. Each team will have equal time to discuss the problem and plan their presentations (Prepared – 5 minutes, Impromptu – 1-2 minutes). After which they will present an oral solution to the problem.Examples of team problem topics may include but are not limited to: balancing a horse’s ration, farm management for specific (breeding, training, boarding, nursery, lay-up) horse operations, recommendations for selecting, locating, and purchasing horses for specific purposes, etc. Evaluation will be based on apparent understanding of the problem, practicality and probable success of the solution presented, thoroughness of the response, clarity and logic, style of response, and more importantly, the involvement of all team members in making the response.Team problems will generally have no unique solution or single set of established procedures; the solution must be a true team effort. Responses should include “how” and “why” with special attention given to the rationale leading to the responses given. Sources of material may include the individual’s own experience as well as recommended reference material. A summary or conclusion should briefly restate some of the major points made during the presentation. The evaluator may ask questions of any or all team members to clarify the presentation. Discrete use of notes during the presentation will not be penalized.Questions will be provided.

Group escorts – we will need several people on the day of the event to lead the groups of contestants to their next room according to the schedule. Schedules will be in event program.


Nate Kennedy
4-H Youth Development Educator
(315) 539-9251


Midlakes High School
1554 NY-488
Clifton Springs, NY 14432

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