4HSS Training Saratoga
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4-H Shooting Sports Disciplines

The Shooting Sports curriculum uses the resources of the land-grant university and the time, talent, and dedication of Cooperative Extension agents and certified 4-H leaders, instructors, and trainers who instruct 4-H members in firearms safety and marksmanship. Each discipline is taught by a National or State Certified Instructor.

Those who receive 6 hours of training in a particular discipline will receive a certificate and badge for that discipline. 

The shooting disciplines include:

Air Pistol 4HSS Air Pistol
Air Rifle 4HSS Air Rifle
Archery 4HSS Archery
Hunting and Wildlife 4HSS Hunting and Wildlife
Muzzleloader or Living History 4HSS Muzzleloader
Shotgun 4HSS Shotgun

Last updated July 26, 2019