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Sprouts and Microgreens Workshop


Sprouts and Microgreens Workshop

  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Get a jump start on spring greens and start growing them on your window sill!

We all know it can be hard to get fresh, nutritious, local greens in the wintertime, so why not start early this year by growing some on your window sill! Vegetable sprouts and microgreens are rich in vitamins that help your immune system fight through those common springtime colds, plus they taste good.

Please join CCE Nutrition Educators Candace Riegel and Moira Tidball as they teach you how to safely grow your own nutritious vegetable sprouts and microgreens, along with tips on how to add them to meals.

You will walk away from the workshop knowing:

  • How to grow sprouts and microgreens safely in your home
  • Nutritional and medicinal properties of the sprouts and microgreens
  • How to harvest your sprouts and microgreens
  • Different delicious recipes that incorporate your homegrown sprouts and microgreens
  • The difference between sprouts and microgreens
  • How different sprouts and greens taste by sampling some

Participants will go home with handouts, knowledge, and supplies to start growing sprouts and microgreens at home.

Registration is required. Register by calling (315) 539-9251 or online at: https://reg.cce.cornell.edu/sprouts_microgreens_245


$15 per person


Moira Tidball
Nutrition Issue leader


Seneca County CCE Offices
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Waterloo, New York 13165

Last updated March 28, 2019