Seneca GR&EEN (Generating Recycling & Energy Education Now)

Teen Peer Education Group

Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension has established a teen peer recycling and energy education group called “Seneca GR&EEN (Generating Recycling & Environmental Education Now)” which is responsible for providing recycling education and spearheading recycling efforts in the school districts in the county as well as educational presentations to other groups in the county. 15 students grades 8-12 from Waterloo, Romulus and South Seneca school districts have been recruited and trained in recycling and energy curriculums and facilitation skills. The teens formed district teams and all three teams come together on a regular basis for continued training and support.

Seneca GR&EEN Peer Educators will:

  • Increase the knowledge of fellow students in the areas of recycling, related solid waste management issues and practices, and energy education while encouraging participants to reduce, reuse and recycle material going into landfills.
  • Develop and give age and audience appropriate presentations and organize events/activities for students both in and out of school.
  • Form the nucleus of school district recycling teams that will establish programs and increase recycling efforts in each district.
  • Provide recycling and related energy education and events/activities to general audiences with the goal of increasing participation in the county recycling program.
  • Increase personal knowledge, skills and confidence in the areas of civic engagement/community service, public presentation, leadership, recycling and energy education.
  • Would you like Seneca GR&EEN to teach your classroom a lesson, be your assembly speakers, staff a table at your community event or provide a presentation for your organization? If so contact us at 315-539-9251.


Christie Marie Brewer
Sr. Administrative Assistant/New Media Specialist
(315) 539-9251

Last updated May 24, 2016