Baked Potato Farm to School Program at South Seneca

Baked Potato @ South Seneca School. Potatoes locally sourced - Silver Queen Farm, T-burg.

Seasoned Roasted Potatoes at Waterloo Central School District

Seasoned Roasted Potatoes @ Waterloo School. Potatoes locally sourced - Williams Farms.

January: What's Up With Food & Nutrition?

January Harvest of the Month: Potatoes!

New York Kitchen Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Card.

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Looking for a twist on Shepherd's Pie? 

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The Wild Harvest Table:
Hunter's Pie Baked Potatoes recipe

Smashed Potatoes Recipe Card

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Smashed Potatoes

This video was compiled by Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES through Farm to School grant funding from USDA and NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. Viewers will learn about making “smashed potatoes” with potatoes sourced locally at Williams Farm and about farm to school programming. Cafeteria staff are encouraged to watch this video as a training tool, learning the basic skills on how to prepare the recipe and about where and how the agricultural products are produced. This video can also be shared as a classroom education tool and to raise awareness of Farm to School programming with families and the wider community.


Moira Tidball
Nutrition Issue leader

Last updated January 11, 2022