2023 NYS Fair Animal Health Information

2023 NYS Fair Animal Health Information

The Animal Health Requirements for the 2023 County Fairs and New York State Fair and other relevant documents are now available online.

We will not be mailing the requirements.

You can find the requirements by going to: https://agriculture.ny.gov/animals and scrolling down the page until you find the section “County and State Fair Information”.

The specific links are as follows:

2023 Fair Animal Health Requirements: 


2023 Fair Interstate Health Requirements:


Exhibitor Pre-Fair Guidelines:


If you have difficulty with the website or have any issues with obtaining the documents, you can contact Eireann.Collins@agriculture.ny.gov or 518-457-3502. You can also request a Microsoft Word version at this email address.

There are no significant changes to the animal health requirements for the 2023 fair season.

Radio frequency identification, commonly referred to as “840 RFID tags,” is strongly recommended for cattle and swine, but not required.

The Department will supply a limited number of FREE 840 RFID tags to producers for cattle and swine going to fairs.

To order 840 RFID tags, please use the 2023 Order Form for Free Producer Ear Tags:


Pre-fair Exhibitor Guidelines are at the end of the requirements. They are also available as a separate document for easy distribution.

The purpose of this section is to help guide the exhibitors through the process of meeting the fair requirements and hopefully avoiding issues at the fair.

The summary of interstate health requirements is also available on the website.

You will also find a listing for poultry pullorum clinics on the website that will be updated regularly as the information becomes available.

Representatives of the Division of Animal Industry will be in contact with their assigned fairs to review these requirements and address any concerns prior to the fair.


Eireann Collins, DVM
New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets - Division of Animal Industry

Last updated February 3, 2023